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12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants
We’re getting ready to Decorate Your Home with Plants.

Fall is upon us, and our wardrobe isn’t the only thing that’s changing – we think every home could use a little refresh to welcome back the coziest season of all. Whether you’re sticking with your current plant collection or buying some new plant babies, we think there’s something else to consider – how adding photo frames, hanging art and creating gallery walls can bring extra life to your space and a whole new vibe for your indoor jungle. 

Our friends at Artifact Uprising know how to make any home frame-friendly, and we teamed up with their experts to help bring you Decorate your Home with Plants.

Whether you’re new to wall decor or a certified frame expert, these 12 design tips will help combine your favorite plants with something new to give your home a fresh feel. 

1. Dress Up Your Dresser

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Sometimes, our dressers become the spot for just about any small thing you can set down until you need it later. We recommend decluttering your dresser and making it a space worth admiring by simply adding a Pilea Peperomioides. With no care and maintenance required, this plant will help give your dresser a more sophisticated feeling when placed alongside your favorite books or ceramic pieces.

To match the minimalist style of your dresser, hang a Floating Picture Frame above it to give any art piece or photograph the attention it deserves without overpowering the room. 

2. Create a Color Palette

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

To make any room feel cohesive, pick 2-3 colors to hone in on, whether it’s for your furniture or the finishing touches of decor. We recommend neutral tones for your furniture (like black, gray or a nude shade) and a pop of color for your plants and photos.

Add a deep green Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant alongside a bold Framed Canvas Print in the same color, and you’ll give your room an edge. 

3. Pick a Plant + Photo Theme

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Before Decorate your Home with Plants, it’s important to keep in mind its lighting and watering needs so that you can place it in a room where it will thrive. So, why not have a plant theme in each room? For a lush bedroom plant collection, add leafy favorites like the Maranta, Satin Pothos and Snake Plant Zeylanica.

To keep the theme going, consider adding Metal Tabletop Picture Frames with a series of photos – whether it’s a specific planty destination, or a type of plant that resonates with you.

4. Give Small Spaces a Big Impact

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

If you’re limited on space to Decorate your Home with Plants, you can still make the most of it by utilizing the space you do have without overcrowding it. Pop a Bird’s Nest Fern into your kitchen for a bold statement – it’s enough of an eye catcher to be the solo plant in your cooking area. 

Have some unused wall space? Make a little go a long way (and keep the feng shui of your home in tact) by adding a Square Print Set or Gallery Frames in a neat, even pattern. 

5. Get Shameless With Your Shelfie

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

If you have open shelving in your bathroom, kitchen, or even your closet, you can use it to your advantage by Decorate your Home with Plants like a Maranta alongside a Wooden Tabletop Frame. Have a bookcase? Add your plant or frame as a bookend or break between the rows of books. 

6. Making it Just Right

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

When Decorate your Home with Plants, we recommend taking it slow and using the Goldilocks rule – not adding too much or too little, but making it just right. When you first move into a new home, for example, you may be in such a rush to settle in that you decorate too quickly, and realize you might have wanted some things done differently after the fact.

After examining open spaces, add plants and frames as finishing touches: perhaps a White Orchid to add something extra to your open coffee table, and three Gallery Frames behind the couch to add meaningful decor to your common space.

7. Create a Focal Point 

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

While we love plants as the main attraction of any room, they don’t always have to be front and center, and instead can support existing pieces. Add a Dracaena or Monstera on the sides of your favorite piece of furniture to give it a little extra love. Create even more of a focal point by adding a Framed Canvas Print that fits perfectly between each plant. 

8. Add Another Dimension to the Situation

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

If you’re a fan of seasonal decor (think wreaths, changing up your duvet cover, and all of that fun stuff), why not bring that same energy to your plants and Decorate your Home with Plants. Add a variety of planter shapes, colors and styles to help welcome fall.

Pair your tabletop plants in our favorite planter with a Brass & Wood Display Box so that you can add your favorite fall photos inside, whether it’s a photo of pumpkin picking last year, or even of summer if you’re still reminiscing. 

9. Utilize Vertical Space

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

When you think of utilizing vertical space, you might think of adding a tall lamp or large tree to an empty corner, but it doesn’t have to be that bold if you’d prefer something a little more simple.

Place a Snake Plant and Calathea side by side to add some depth, and take it a step further by placing a Gallery Frame a little higher on the wall above them both.

10. Make Every Day Texture Tuesday

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Craving something different from your average leafy plant or Decorate your Home with Plants. Embrace the texture of seasonal plants like the Norfolk Island Pine alongside a bold print (maybe multi-colored cacti) in a Modern Metal Frame.

11. Adding the Finishing Touches 

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Sometimes, the more functional spaces in your home (like the area where you sit down and eat) might be left behind when it comes to Decorate your Home with Plants. Make any lunch a little more special by adding a tabletop plant like a Golden Pothos or a few Metal Tabletop Frames to create a gallery wall. 

12. Don’t Forget the Forgotten Spaces

12 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

There are forgotten spaces in every home – next to your front door, that extra corner in your living room, and the list goes on. If you want to switch things up, add in a low-light floor plant in an empty or Gallery Frame against the wall (no hanging required) to help give those extra spaces something new.

Keep growing your plant knowledge.

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