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Plants to Grow in Your Bathroom
Bathroom Plants can instantly beautify and energize a space, boost your mood, reduce your stress levels, bring you tranquility, produce oxygen, and naturally filter air pollutants. Our Room Mates series explores the possibilities for placing plants in rooms at home and at the office, bathroom, in common areas and some places you may have overlooked.

Plants for the Bathroom

One of the most underrated places to keep plants in your home is the bathroom. Consider that a number of plants thrive in the warmth and humidity from the shower running. A new plant is one of the most simple ways to update a bathroom, too. Give yourself a reason to smile as you’re brushing your teeth with a small potted plant next to the sink or sing to a hanging plant in the shower. 

Your bathroom will definitely need a window because plants need light. Light is food for plants. If your bathroom does not have a window, unfortunately, you cannot sustain a plant there. We do not recommend moving plants from a sunlit place in the day to a windowless bathroom, as most plants prefer a stable environment.

High Humidity, Low Light

The bathroom is a high humidity, medium to low light environment. This environment is perfect for plants that have evolved at forest floors and by river edges. Ferns and calatheas will find your bathroom exquisitely comfy and will boast healthy, full foliage.

Other humidity lovers like air plants (Tillandsia) and Orchids will absolutely thrive in a bathroom. If you’ve ever had problems with crispy leaves on calatheas, ferns, air plants, or orchids, a bathroom environment can be a solution. If the window never catches a direct sunbeam but rather faces a building and only catches ambient light, simply move your plants into the window. All of the aforementioned plants can thrive in bright, indirect light.

Keep growing your plant knowledge.

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