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Rubber Plant Variegated – Ficus Tineke

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Ficus Tineke ‘ Houseplant For Sale Online

A stunning variation on the dark-leafed Burgundy Rubber Plant, Ficus Tineke features large, oval-shaped leaves that are glossy green and creamy white. This towering Rubber Plant exhibits stunning, bright red variegation on newer leaves before gradually maturing to cream and green colors.

The fantastic foliage of this easy-going beauty is slow-growing, making it ideal as a long-term houseplant. Plus, it’s considered to be at the top of the list for air purifying! Simply provide Ficus Tineke with water anytime the soil dries out, and voila!

Easy to Grow Features:

* Zone: Indoors
* Height: 1′ – 8′ (Trim to maintain the desired height.)
* Spread: 2′ – 3’
* Sunlight: Indirect Sunlight
* Water: Water When Top Soil Becomes Dry
* Flowering time: Rarely Flowers

Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 20 cm
Rubber Plant

Black; Variegated


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