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6 Best Plants for Holiday Decorating
As you start to decorate and make your space feel more merry and bright, consider adding these 6 Best Plants for Holiday Decorating favorites for some extra cheer.

There’s nothing like being home for the holidays. If you’re getting your space ready for some holiday festivities, you might be breaking out your holiday tree, hanging some sparkling lights or starting to buy your favorite candy canes.

If you need a little extra something to make your home sparkle, consider adding some our 6 Best Plants for Holiday Decorating. Not only will these plants make your space feel complete, you’ll be giving yourself something to enjoy long after unwrapping presents.

1. Holiday Wreath

6 Best Plants for Holiday Decorating

If you want to give your guests a warm welcome, there’s no better choice than a Holiday Wreath for your front door – it will be the first thing they see! This lush, live evergreen wreath will last up to three weeks if hung up inside, and two months outside. 

2. Poinsettia

6 Best Plants for Holiday Decorating

While we love adding some fresh plant finds to our homes, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true Poinsettia. This classic plant will live beyond the holidays, so you can feel a little bit of that holiday cheer into the new year.

3. Norfolk Island Pine

6 Best Plants for Holiday Decorating

Have you ever longed for a Charlie Brown tree that can fit into a small space but is still full and lush? The Norfolk Island Pine is exactly that. Add small ornaments for some extra shine, and leave as-is for a year-round favorite.

4. Christmas Cactus

6 Best Plants for Holiday Decorating

If you love a good succulent but want something a little more holiday-friendly, the Christmas Cactus is Best Plant for you. This winter succulent is known for its beautiful late fall and early winter blooms, just in time for the holidays.

5. Monstera

6 Best Plants for Holiday Decorating

Our best-selling Monstera is the Best Plant to give your home instant jungle vibes. To make it extra festive, place yours in a new planter or add a Holiday Message Pop. 

6. ZZ Plant

6 Best Plants for Holiday Decorating

Just when you think you’re finished decorating, you notice an empty space in your room – and that’s when the ZZ Plant comes in handy. This low-light tolerant Best Houseplant can be added to any dimly-lit space for a little extra sparkle.

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